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POSTED BY Digital Salon Group | 28 November, 2017
5 Ways To Optimise Your Salon’s Facebook Page (But Why Websites Are Better)
Social Media Versus An Online Presence - A Salon Owners Guide Getting your salon online is not only smart business, it's essential if you want to compete in today's marketplace. If you are still working off a simple Facebook page as your only online presence, here are some tips to make that page work harder for you (as well as very good reasons to move up to your own website).
POSTED BY Digital Salon Group | 24 November, 2017
The Fringe Benefits of Getting Your Hair & Beauty Salon Online
What Else Will A Website Bring My Salon Stop wondering if you need a website for your hair salon, and start thinking about when you're going to start mopping up all of these fringe benefits (see what we did there?).
POSTED BY Digital Salon Group | 21 November, 2017
The First 5 Things You Need On Your Salon Website
Salon Website Must Haves So, you're building a website? Congratulations! You are on the road to new levels of salon success. But where do you start? Sure, you've browsed millions of sites before, but if you've never had to conceive one for your own business before now, putting together the right blend of content and choosing a design can be a bit daunting. Fear not; kickstart your brainstorming here with these five essential pillars of a great salon website.
POSTED BY Digital Salon Group | 17 November, 2017
5 Things People Look For In A Salon And How Being Online Helps Them Find It
Establishing Your Salons Creditability via Your Website Want to know what your salon needs to be at the top of its game? Here are five things your customer wants (and you didn't even know it).
POSTED BY Digital Salon Group | 15 November, 2017
The Top 5 Reasons A Website Is Better Than a Facebook Page For Your Salon
Busting Salon Website Myths So you think your Facebook page is doing the job of a website? Wrong! Here are five reasons why having your own website is a whole lot better for your salon business.
POSTED BY Digital Salon Group | 5 October, 2017
Salon Online Booking website Digital Salon Group ( comes 3rd in Google Adopt a Start-up Competition
the importance of a Salon Website for your business.   Joseph Kramer Salon Website provided by (formally The world has moved online. Consumers nowadays have instant access to products, services, pricesand information worldwide – technology is shaping how they shop.
POSTED BY Digital Salon Group News | 25 February, 2016 acquires main competitor SalonAddict in a bid to take over the global salon-booking industry
� acquires SalonAddict, making them the leading salon marketing and booking website in Ireland to grow to 1,500 salon partnerships to-date and €2m in booking revenue in 2015.
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